We at Girebaan portray STORIES through PRINTS.

We’ve always been DESI at heart; we focus on bringing out the best fashion traditions that India has to offer.

We believe in exclusivity and therefore quality over quantity.

Fashion has always been attractive to us and for us fashion is just not the garments but the process as well.

We intend to bring out art and the artist as well.


Reviving the Indian fashion culture and putting in the modern silhouette.

Reviving Past; Killin’ It Today; Living It Tomorrow.

We are story-tellers; we are story portrayers;
Fashion is our canvas; and people are our inspiration.

From Grandparents to Parents to us; We are the third generation in the fashion industry. We have seen the industry pretty closely and for a long time too.

Our Thoughts

We come with experience of 3 generation. We see fashion as revolution. Fashion for us is just not style statement or not just looking good; fashion for us is a way of expressing and as a man we know how hard can it really be to express ourselves, so we want to try and be more expressive through our clothing.